Carpets can complement the beauty of the house by adding colors, patterns, and textures. Regular cleaning can be done to clean dirt and sand that can damage carpet fibers.

9 Quick Way and Practical to Clean Carpet

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Carpets can complement the beauty of the house by adding colors, patterns, and textures. Regular cleaning can be done to clean dirt and sand that can damage carpet fibers.

But the carpet also needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking clean. If you accidentally spill coffee on your favorite color of carpet or mark a crayon from your child’s scratch or maybe just a buildup of dust and dirt everyday, you certainly have to spend more time cleaning up to take care of your carpet.

Plan to always wash carpets every 12 to 18 months. If you have thick carpets, you can clean your carpet two or three times a year. Don’t forget to always follow the cleaning Carpet guidelines for using and Wash carpets.

  1. Cleaning Carpet Use Detergent
  • Take two empty spray bottles and then fill with cold water. On the other hand, mix 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 glass of warm water.
  • Spray the detergent solution into an absorbent cloth (do not pour it directly on the carpet, because the carpet will become too wet) and apply it slowly, of course, not rubbed. Where the stain is. When the stain dissolves, clean it with a clean cloth. Continue to apply this method and gently wipe until the stain disappears.
  • Spray another cloth with cold water and use it to rinse the detergent solution from the carpet, then wipe again with a dry cloth.
  • Pile a lot of thin towels on the place and place a thick pan on top. Let stand for overnight, the towel will absorb the remaining stains inside the carpet. In the morning, clean the fiber with your fingers and let it dry.
  • If stains remain, try a cleanser that is more appropriate based on the stain you are facing.
  1. Use Powder as Carpet Cleaner

Use powder is a great way to clean your carpet. This is the best strategy for cleaning stubborn stains and dirt on your carpet, you can use powder carpet cleaners or baking soda as addition. Here are some ways to clean carpets use powder:

  • Sprinkle the powder randomly on the carpet.
  • Leave the powder no later than 30 minutes – but if you can leave it overnight it will give better results. this gives the powder time to work cleaner, of course it can remove stains and remove the unpleasant odor that has been attached to your carpet.
  • Finally, you can vacuum the powder when your carpet is clean.
  1. Use special cleaning with shampoo for carpets

 Carpet shampoo is one of another popular to clean your carpet. There are many different carpet shampoo brands, so make sure you follow the guidelines listed on the label.

Perform procedures in accordance with those directed at the packaging and a lot of cleanings , the product needs to be diluted with water. You can follow the guidelines below:

  • Using enough of the shampoo on carpet to cover the stained area
  • Do not make the carpet too wet – this does not just throw away detergent, but will also increase drying time
  • Scrub areas that are very hard and stained using a brush or hard brush
  • Allow the carpet to dry
  • Vacuum the carpet after it has finished and dried
  1. Carpet Cleaning System

If you have a carpet with bright colors or a house full of children or pets, you might need to buy a cleaner with your own model and style designed for cleaning carpets in the house.

Home carpet cleaning systems can save your money in the long time when compared to hiring a professional several times a year. Keep in mind, the unit or ordinary equipment that you buy may not have the strength of carpet cleaning done by professional models.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Use Water Extraction Methods

Most home carpet cleaning systems are generally water extraction units which are also known as steam cleaners. They work to wash the carpet by draining the solution into the carpet pile, then pulling back the dirty solution to the machine.

To avoid the hassles of dragging a hose around the house, choose a cleaning model that does not require a clean water connection. In addition, choose the most powerful carpet cleaning machine that you can use to reduce the burden of water extraction carried out by the machine.

Caution: When you use a steam cleaner, do not let the carpet get too wet. Bedwetting or spilling water can damage the carpet and cause the carpet to shrink also experience changes in color and odor.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Use the Dry Extraction Method

Home cleaning systems generally use dry extraction methods to wash carpets. First you can spread dry absorbent compounds on the carpet that is being cleaned, then you can suck it with a vacuum machine.

Although it usually works better than steam cleaning machines, dry machines and chemicals can cost more than steamers and use steam extraction methods.

  1. Carpet Cleaning with Simple Products

For new stains to stick, the best way to remove them is to clean them as soon as possible before they completely dry into the carpet.

Removing dirt as quickly as possible can prevent stains from entering deeper into the carpet. While you can usually easily clean the stain using detergent, it is useful to try this simple stain remover, depending on the source of the stain:

  • For sticky stains like chewing gum, remove the stain using ice cubes before prying it out
  • For smelly stains, mix vinegar and warm water with the same tarakan and apply to the smelly area with a cloth.
  1. Renting Carpet Cleaner

You might want to rent a quality and professional steam cleaning machine from the rental center to make it easier for you to clean carpets. With rental fees and additional prices for cleaning solutions (shampoo, defoamer, stain remover, deodorizing and many more) renting carpet cleaners can quickly add to your household budget.

But you can choose to clean it yourself if your carpet doesn’t show too many stains.

  1. Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you employ professional cleaners, you are allowed to choose between steam cleaning or dry extraction cleaning which can be done as a cleaning method.

Each method – if handled by a qualified technician will do a thorough cleaning of the dirty carpet. Not only that, professional cleaners also have carpet cleaning equipment that is far more powerful and sophisticated than you buy or rent, they also have far more experience to remove stains from the carpet. Prices for professional cleaning rentals can vary greatly for the same service.

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