Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pets

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pets

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We all love to have a soft and clean carpet on the floor inside our house. That kind of carpet seems so comfortable and inviting. But guess what? Your pets love the carpet as much as you do. Pet animals especially cats and dogs love to lie down or snuggle on the carpet as it calms and makes them feel comfortable. Sure, it’s a cute thing to see but it can also leave a big problem. Sometimes, they behaved badly as they peed on the carpet. Cleaning cat or dog hairs are already tough. The odor and stain from cat or dog pee can be a disaster.

Urinal Stain on the Carpet

It won’t be difficult to notice that you pet animals peed on the carpet. The odor will be obvious and the worst part is the stain left on the surface of the carpet. Cleaning the carpet and removing the stain can be a really tough thing to do while it must be done right away. Not only the odor is unbearable, it can also leave serious health risks to your family. It seems the challenge is getting harder as the carpet need to be treated properly. Wrong treatment can damage the carpet material and makes it loses its color. Since you spent quite a lot of money to buy and install the carpet, damaging the carpet is the last thing you want to do.

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner Products

Looking for the best carpet cleaning solution for pet urine stains can be challenging. There are many carpet cleaning products on the market. Some of them claims to have powerful stain removal agents able to clean and remove urinal stain. It is wiser to be very aware when using those products. The chemical ingredients in the cleaning products may not 100% safe for your pet animal. The residues of those ingredients may stay on the carpet for years exposing your pet animal with long term risks. Better pay attention to the label to find out the chemical ingredients and its safety standards before you buy any commercial carpet cleaner solution. It would be highly recommended to directly buy carpet cleaner solution from a pet store. The products sold there are usually safe for pet. In case your pet animal has certain condition, it would be better to consult with the vet first.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pet

Actually, homemade cleaning solution could be the best carpet cleaner solution for pets the we are looking for. From staple ingredients commonly found on household kitchen, your carpet will be clean without stain and odor. The ingredients needed are white vinegar and baking soda. Yes, just two of them. First, pour vinegar gently on the stained area just enough to saturate it. After that you can sprinkle baking soda, generous amount would be better, on top of stained area. When you see bubbles and hear fizzing sounds, the magic is happening. The reaction from vinegar and baking soda lift the stain and odor from the carpet fiber. Leave them to dry for one or two day and simply vacuum the stained area to remove the leftover baking soda and voila, your carpet will be as good as new.

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