Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Best Carpet Cleaning Method to Choose

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Ensuring the carpet inside our house always in clean condition is very important. The carpet provides soft and more comfortable surface inside our house to accommodate various family activities and its condition has big role in our family wellness. Carpet cleaning is among the top of the house cleaning list but most of us must admit, cleaning the carpet may not be our favorite thing to do and we’re still looking for the best carpet cleaning method consumer reports to adopt.

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important

Without routine and proper cleaning, dust, dirt and food crumble will build up beneath the carpet surface. Moisture and stain from spilling drinks and food or even worse, pet or baby urine can lead to mold growth or pest infestation including dust mites. All of those can expose your family with various health risk from allergy to more serious health illness. Never underestimated the crucial role of optimum carpet cleaning.

For daily carpet cleaning, using vacuum cleaner is widely preferable and it can be effective to remove dust and dirt from carpet surface. But for specific condition like bad stain or odor, it requires deep cleaning process. Moreover, it is important to clean the carpet thoroughly once every 12 or 18 months to maintain its good condition. This kind of cleaning process may not be easy to do by ourselves with our lack of knowledge and experiences. There’re risks we only make it worse and damaging the carpet. Leaving the mess to the professional carpet cleaning service would be a better option. But even for that, it would be much wiser to understand more about carpet cleaning methods and how the method would be suitable for the particular type and material of the carpet we need to clean.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are two big categories of carpet cleaning methods: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s learn more about each method to determine the best carpet cleaning method to adopt.

Dry Cleaning

This method uses very low amount of water or moisture during the process. It is also referred as surface cleaning as this method works best to remove stain and odor on the carpet surface.

Dry cleaning also uses absorbent compound of cleaning agents and solvents spread through the carpet surface and counter rotating brushes to spread the compound throughout the carpet fibers. After setting time, the compound is vacuumed up.

Advantages: Easy to do, fast, and inexpensive. The process lasted only fifteen to twenty minutes and the carpet is ready to use again.

Disadvantages: Only works to clean dirt and stain on the surface and not effective for deep cleaning. The absorbent compound can leave residues beneath the carpet fiber.

Wet Cleaning

This method is also known as steam cleaning as it uses hot water extraction process. Combining high temperature, high pressure, and chemical concentration, this cleaning method can remove dirt, stains and allergens deep beneath the carpet fiber.

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