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Easy DIY Rug Cleaning How to Clean Rug At Home

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So I just thought I’d show you how we actively clean rug, it’s a really quick and easy way of doing, it you need to do it on a nice warm summer’s day like today and we watched this particular River once a year this is about the fifth or sixth time.

We’ve washed it so, I’ll just show you the process and it’s actually quite simple really, so we’ll be cleaning this rug outside and the first thing you’ve got to do is make sure that the area way clean unit is already clean, so these slabs have all been power washed the button have been bleached recently and rinsed.

So the actual patio itself is a fairly clean area it’s not good doing it on a dirty patio, just lay the rug out flat and you’ll notice that we’ve got steps going down, there that just makes it easy for any water to run off, you don’t need it but it just makes life easier, if you’ve got somewhere where the water can run off so start off with a clean bucket and then I put a good amount of washing powder in there and then I’ll take that into the kitchen and fill it full of warm water right so there we go.

I’ve filled that full of warm water and I’ve actually mix it round with my hand to make sure that all the powder is dissolved and it’s nice and soapy which is what we want, if you haven’t got a book at this big just use a normal book it and mix more than one batch, if you need to so this is where the hard work starts, now you need a scrubbing brush but what we’ve got to do now is watch the carpet and make sure that everything is nice and wet that’s NEC weather.

Now as you can see on this particular rug there’s no color coming out of it, so effective the guys know it’s just watching power washing powder is supposed to be quite gentlemen materials, so I think that’s enough for scrubbing it it’s definitely wetting up you could see that the rug is sopping wet, so I’ll leave that for about 20 minutes now and I’ll let that washing powder do its work so that’s been about 20 minutes the rug is still sopping wet, but you can see that the warm weather is drying everything around it and as you can see the the water’s definitely gone through the rug.

So the next bit is a hardest bit and that’s rinsing it off, because it needs to be rinsed off thoroughly, so you’ve got two options really one option this is with a horse but by far the best option for me is to use believe it or not a pressure washer this is the catcher kit for a full control pressure washer now full control means that, you cannot see all to the pressure coming out of this Lance.

I actually prefer to do this on a higher pressure, now if you’re worried about York please just use a horse and a nozzle but this particular rug using it with a lance on higher pressure doesn’t seem to make any real difference to it at all it makes the job way quicker.

I use the Landsat a kind of swing connection the whole process is just try to get rid of all these substances to do new, to do is make sure that you’re clearing the soap away from the rug that you’re instantly, he doesn’t want to be running back into the rook otherwise you’re wasting your time and what I’ll do now is I’ll flip it upside down and rinse the bottom, so as you can see you know where there is what so I’ll kneel on each side and then one more flip princess what we’ll do is.

I reckon right I think I’m happy without now that’s sick in about 30 minutes to rinse it off and like I said, the rinsing off part is by far the most difficult to do it takes even longer, if you’re just using a hose so I’ll just leave it on this table now to dry will easily take the rest of the deer it eventer the water at all evaporates off and then you’ll have a lovely clean rug, so that’s second five and a half hours upside on this table it’s an absolutely glorious deer turd it’s about twenty-eight thirty degrees outside but now this cabbage is lovely and dry and it’s also spotlessly clean now the other thing is it’s got a really lovely clean smell to it now, there we go one clean rug back home where it belongs what do you think cookie so that’s the process that, I use for cleaning a rug I hope you found that useful and thank you.

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