How to Remove Stickers from Glass

Easy Ways to Apply on How to Remove Stickers from Glass

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Okay, you need to find a way of how to remove stickers from glass since it is the most valuable piece of glass in your life. Removing stickers from glass has a various level of difficulty, from extremely easy to extremely difficult because it depends on how strong the glue that sticks the sticker on the surface of the glass. This article will provide you with several different ways to deal with stickers on a glass, which you should definitely try in order to make your life more convenient and practical. Now, let’s check those ways out!

Removing the stickers using hot water and soap

This is the most commonly used method in order to remove stickers from a glass. First, you need a bucket of hot water (hot, not boiling, because it will be used to soak and wash the glass) and put a considerable amount of soap in it. Put the glass that contains stickers on its surface into the bucket filled with a mixture of hot water and soap. Now, the thing that you have to do is to take your time and have a convenient rest while waiting for the hot water and soap to dissolve the sticker, which takes approximately ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the strength of the stickers’ adhesive. Now, take the glass and try to pick the stickers with your fingers and nails. If failed, put it back to the bucket.

If the glass is impossible to be taken and be soaked into a bucket of hot water and soap, then you have to soak a piece of sponge in the bucket instead. After that, cover the glass with the sponge for about the same time you need to soak the glass, about 10-30 minutes. Usually, the stickers will end up peeling itself since the adhesive is weakened by the water and the soap and how to remove stickers from glass ends here.

Removing the stickers using a hairdryer

Okay, let’s say that the stickers you encounter are the stickers with a strong adhesive power. You don’t have to give up because there is another trick to use, which is by using a hairdryer! The way is simple, you just have to take a hairdryer, plug it into a power socket, turn it on, and set it to the highest power. Now, let the hairdryer to blow the stickers, and let the heat generated by it do the job since it should be sufficient to make the glue of the stickers to heat up and melt, enabling the stickers to get loose. Now, the last thing to do is to remove the stickers, either by simply drawing or scraping it off. The chances are you will need to scrape it off with a dull object such as a butter knife or an unused credit card if the adhesive is strong, or just peel it off with ease if the glue of the stickers is not that strong in order to finish the steps of how to remove stickers from glass.

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