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Effectively Remove Stains And Pet Urine Cheap Ingredient

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Their court but yay alright world so I just moved into a new apartment it’s coming along it’s actually it’s actually super beautiful anyways I got a new doggy the other deeds of town see hi Milo we’re crate training Milo has been urinating it’s cool it’s because he’s been pissing urinating everywhere.

I have been getting a cleaner carpet because I looked on Pinterest and I found this recipe that not only eliminates the odor it takes away all previous stains and it’s really really simple, so please forgive the fact that I really don’t know how to edit and it’s all being done on this video camera but it’s gonna be very informative, because I’m going to show you how to have a super super clean carpet with basically five dollars worth of ingredients you probably already have in your house ingredient

number one and distilled white vinegar,  ingredient number two you know water obviously we’re in a drought so I’m not gonna like dramatically poured out what you do is you mix a half in half or is it stay half-and-half mixture of up here’s vinegar and water I put it in a little spray bottle you can do it however you want first thing you do katarina gal the way gather me so I don’t know if you can see.

I took over the lease in this apartment it’s really um kind of you know dark and dirty here I’m gonna show you what this carpet stuff will do on something that this scenes is probably been there for several years so here we go,  now I’m going to soak it with vinegar I’m gonna really soak it like dripping away okay so after you have super-soak that area with the 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water you’re gonna soak up the extra the excess moisture with either a terry cloth towel because terry cloth is super absorbent and it pulls the moisture out.

If you don’t have a terry cloth towel go ahead and use your coffee yes yes go ahead and use paper towels because that is also super observed and I’ll pull it all out for you okay so I know I said soaking up the excess vinegar water mixture would be best with a terry cloth towel or paper towel but there’s a third option you can adult super-hard and use your wet/dry vac this is gonna be awesome move okay go okay all right so cover the area with an even fairly thick coat of baking soda all right now that it’s covered with baking soda we’re going to take our mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a little bit of dish soap um for like every cup and a half of hydrogen peroxide.

I would do like a teaspoon of dish soap and this will take me a minute because the area is so large we’re basically you just start wetting the whole thing saturate it it’ll bubble so I just wanna reiterate how important the hydrogen peroxide and Don solution is so however much you think you need just do a little bit more you really want to saturate the carpet because it’s the part that happens a base the baking soda mixture starting to clean everything up oh yeah all right so after you’ve saturated the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and Don you’re gonna use some kind of firm bristle brush and just rub it all in all right boys and girls so you’ve just scrubbed in your baking soda hydrogen peroxide Don mixture now your what you’re going to want to do is let this sit for about 15 minutes and do its magic after that you’re going to take I would say for like something this big.

I would take a terry cloth towel and not use like a paper towel cuz you’re gonna be there forever so you’re gonna take a terry cloth towel and soak up the excess moisture so basically I’ll just lay a towel over this and step on it or press it down with your hands or whatever and soak up the excess moisture all right so this is soaked for about 15 minutes and I placed a towel over the area and I’m just gonna soak up the excess moisture you don’t want to use your wet/dry vac on this guy,  because you don’t it to pull up the baking soda you want all that baking soda and nonsense to stay in the carpet all right so now we’ve soaked up the excess moisture and all that’s left to do is sit and wait for it to dry because as it dries what should take.

I mean you can put a fan that’s what I’m doing I’m just having a fan go on it you know,  I can take several hours but be patient wait for it to dry keep checking and whenever it’s dry you’re gonna vacuum out this baking soda that smell and that stain will be gone it’s gonna be freaking cool, you can also use your wet/dry vac to kind of rinse it or whatever you want but you actually don’t need to it’s not gonna smell bad or all the smell is gonna be gone and all the stains gonna be gone it’s crazy,  so we’ll be back when this dries it is dry it is ready to be vacuumed up excuse me excuse me yes thank you so before you vacuum it up you might notice there’s some kind of hard pizza but pieces of like dried up baking soda and peroxide and so just before you got Catarina and got him look baby so at before you vacuum just take whatever brush and just go over it like this to break up any little crumbly pieces of baking soda and now we’re gonna vacuum it up I’ve never been so excited to vacuum in my life all right moment of truth did it or did it not work.

Oh would you look at that glorious beautiful fresh carpet next to the lesser dirty carpet I hope this helps you with any urine or skin problems it also works on mattresses and any other like tough upholstery you usually have a hard time getting stains out of yay I hear the baking soda you can also blend it with lemon and like brush your teeth with it and it’ll make your teeth white over time I haven’t tried that yet but anyways enjoy.

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