Enzymatic Cleaner for Cat Urine: What It Is and How to Use It

Enzymatic Cleaner for Cat Urine: What It Is and How to Use It

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The smell of cat urine sticking everywhere seems to be a common problem faced by cat owners. If you are one of them, you probably need a long cleaning process to overcome this problem, and also do some good habits that you must do as a cat keeper.

What is the enzymatic cleaner for cat urine?

This cleaning process requires several things, which will provide optimal results if they are done correctly. You should also use cleansers that contain enzymes. This cleanser contains a special biological enzyme that is able to break down protein in the urine as well as to eliminate odors. Please note that some cleansers that contain enzymes cannot work optimally if there are certain chemicals that are used to deal with stains before. So, always use enzyme cleaners before using other ingredients. Follow the instructions listed on the container.

You should specifically find the enzymatic cleaner for cat urine. This kind of cleaner is produced with the intention to cleanse the affected area of pet urine, including that of your cat. This type of cleanser breaks down enzymes in cat urine as well as neutralizes the smell of it. Cleaners like this can be easily found and usually be sold at almost all pet stores. There are many famous brands that you can choose, including Knock Out, Anti-Icky Poo, and Urine Off.

All of them work by breaking down uric acid substance found in the urine into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Both are gases which can evaporate easily and thus remove the smell. This type of cleaner can work well either on new or old stains.

The Procedures

You should remember that it is essential to read and follow the instructions, because some brands may contain specific usage instructions for their use. Therefore, you have to make sure to read carefully before using them in areas affected by urine and dirt. Always follow all instructions that accompany the specific cleaners you bought. Not following the correct instructions can cause permanent damage to the furniture or the surface of the affected area.

Next, it will be much better if you do experiment with a small section first before applying the cleaner to the larger area. Always test the product that will be used in a small area and not visible to see if the product will cause damage or discoloration. If you don’t see any weirdness, please use the product in the area affected by urine. On the contrary, if you realize something is unusual, you should not use the product. Instead, you can either try another brand or a homemade cleaning solution.

Apply carefully the enzymatic cleaner for cat urine right on the spot that smells. Let it stand for ten to fifteen minutes so the cleanser can sink into it. After that, wipe the cleaner with napkin or cloth paper.

Let the treated spot dry. It will be good if it is dried by the wind. This stage is needed to do because cleaners need time to break down the substance that causes odor and allow the gases contained to evaporate. However, when you do this, you have to ensure to get your cat away from the treated area. You need to know that cats are easily attracted by enzymes in the urine. It will draw then to urinate again at the same spot.

You can re-do the process above as needed (especially on the old stains) until the smell and stain are reduced.

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