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Ex-Carpet Cleaner Comes Clean About Pet Stain And Odor Removal

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Hey it’s Jared and in this article, I’m going to prove you that pet stains and odors are not your fault because just like you’re playing against a stacked deck and unless you know the secret is that only the insiders know and used to consistently win the house is going to beat you every single time by the end of this article,  you’ll know the seven insider secrets that are required to beat the house at its own game you’ll have a crystal clean understanding why the things you’re trying to pass then at work and you know what to look for from here on forward when selecting a solution for your pet stains and odors that’s my wife our two dogs ooh sins are and I in our engagement picture at the time the picture Zhora, the one on the right was about six months old just like with kids sometimes you’re blessed with a problem child was or was our little problem child in this article.

I’ll share with you how and zora was a puppy and was scared to go outside, I started uncovered the truth about the pet stain and odor removal products, I was trying I was doing my best to keep her accents from destroying our carpet rugs couch and the many other delightfully creative places she found a surprises with an accident and it was a losing battle szura’s accidents were so frustrating.

I would just get home from a long day and wonder relax for a second, I try to take sora out but she gets scared and run back inside did five to ten minutes later I’d step in a wet spot or smell something so unmistakeably sweet that, she had been so kindly for me on the carpet, I couldn’t just leave the pee or poop there so I’d go into the kitchen grab a roll of paper towels and a bottle of the flavor of the week pet stain product and spray it on there.

I was exhausted afterward trying to control my anger at poor zora and trying to blot up as much of her accident as possible before spraying across your fingers this one works pet stain product.  I always had a feeling that what I was doing was in vain but good enough, for now, would have to do this was until spring rolled around and it started to get hot here in Texas, my house started to smell like pardon the French but a piss sauna every room.

I went into all I could smell was pee where was it coming from by this time months later Zor was getting more and more confident outside and we were hardly having any more accidents in the house anymore but the smell seemed to be getting worse and worse and we couldn’t find anything help with the problem, so we resorted to trying to cover up the smell with air fresheners and candle,  thank God that the default gift for women we don’t know what to get each other seems to be candles we literally had a shelf in our kitchen cabinet full of assorted candles that we had never lived this was until the summer of the piss sauna, so we took all the candles we could find and spread them all around our humble abode our hosts smelt like Santa’s workshop,  we had gingerbread pine cupcake lavender and who could forget the lovely eggnog candle all working together to mask the  urine smell this was never going to work.

so I set out the internet to find a solution that turned out to be even more excited there are all these products that looked like someone had mixed them up in their basement and slapped up a website they were dozens if not hundreds of different home remedies the one.

I remember most was something light pour a box of baking soda on the fresh air negative rule approach the baking soda into the carpet and let it absorbs the urine finally vacuumed up all the baking soda that sounded like it might work in theory but one my stains were drying up – there are urine areas everywhere and 3, to be honest, that sounded like a lot of work .

I mean when I get home and stumbleupon an accident the last thing I want to do is pour press and then get the vacuum out I was at a loss for what to do besides a call a carpet cleaner or B replace the carpet it was about that time. I got to thinking I had a family acquaintance who used to be in the carpet cleaning and dyeing business years ago but who had gotten added it.

so I called and set up lunch with him to go talk to him about the problems I was having there was a few weeks later sitting with an ex-carpet cleaner at a restaurant trying to get all my questions answered about zora stains and odors we chatted for a while then I really started to ask the questions that were on my mind he looked up from his plate sat back and started talking about how he started cleaning carpets he told all about the nasty stuff he experienced while cleaning carpets and you’ve told out people would call him with $20,000 oriental rugs that their pet sent at accents on it was when he was talking about the expensive oriental rugs that his demeanor started to change he started to lean forward when he spoke to me his voice tone changed that’s when he really started to open up and come clean with the insider secrets that no one really knew about pet stains and odors in particular you.

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