Strongest Double-sided Tape

How to Choose the Strongest Double-sided Tape

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If you are curious about how to pick the strongest double sided tape, then, you have arrived at the best place since you can find a detailed guide for choosing it here. But what is actually a double tape? Well, double-sided tape is a tape that contains adhesive materials on each side of the tape, which are the upper side and the lower tape. The adhesive contained on the tape is important to be used as a medium to keep the tape stick to two other surfaces, and usually, double-sided tape should not be unseen when used to stick two surfaces together. A wide variety of industries use double-sided tape to perform various activities, such as packaging and mounting. Now, let’s check to the tips to consider when choosing the tape you need!

Choosing the best tape might sound to be a tiny feat, but doing so actually requires considering several things. Also, it is worth noting that although most double-sided tapes look similar, they actually have their own purposes and specialties. Choosing the best strongest tape is important in order to make sure it would work as desired.

  1. Types of the surfaces to stick together

You will need to carefully examine the type of the two surfaces you are going to stick together because the effectiveness of each tape depend on the type of the surfaces. If the surfaces are not compatible with the tape, then it is more likely that it would fail you. Tapes that are thinner in terms of thickness are perfect for surfaces that have smooth properties, such as glass and metal. On the contrary, you should use thicker double-sided tapes if the surfaces you are going to stick together are rough, such as brick, wood, and clay. To get the best strongest double sided tape, Duck Double-sided 38 mm x 5 m Tape is the best tape you can get.

  1. The energy that the surfaces possess

Surface energy is a thing that every surface has, which is a level of whether the surface would attract to stick on or repulse from sticking from the tape. A Stronger adhesive is needed by the tape to stick to the surfaces that are more likely to repulse from it, such as silicone. On the other hand, sticking glass and aluminum is pretty easy since they are more likely to attach to the tape. You can gain the best adhesive properties by using the Duck Double-sided 38 mm x 5 m Tape.

  1. Other things to consider

Aside from the two things mentioned earlier, there are other things to consider. The duration that you need to keep the two surfaces to stick together is one of them. Another one is the width and length of the tape you would require to gain the best result. And, will the tape be exposed to heat and mixture? For the best result to stick materials in indoor areas, use the Duck Double-sided 38 mm x 5 m Tape because it is the best indoor double-sided tape you can ever find. The tape works perfectly and extremely durable for indoor industries, it might be considered as the strongest double sided tape!

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