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How to Clean Out Leather Seats in 10 Minutes for Cheap

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Most all VW and VW Beetle and it doesn’t really matter if they’re VW and most leather seats are dyed so I’m going to share with you how to fix this so simply. it’ll blow your mind okay what you need is a paint that’s close enough to what the color is okay this is a just a rust-oleum red a deeper red it’s pretty simple and you need some lacquer thinner and you need to take your towel.

The Material That You Need To Clean Leather Seat:

  • Paint
  • Lacquer
  • Towel
  • Leather Conditioner

what you’re going to do is just spray a little bit of paint on the towel nothing big and then that’ll be folded up use that to the inside and watch this we’re going to put a little lacquer thinner on it, because what the lacquer thinner does is it actually brings the paint in the seat up and the paint that’s on the rag. That’s in the seat up it comes up it brings it up to help fill in and match okay.

Now as the rack the paint is coming from the rag I’ll watch this you don’t fill in the cracks because that’s leather all right leather does it that’s what the does and it’s literally gone now you can do this a couple of times and get more and more of it taken care of okay that big crack back there now as I said use your leather conditioner to go over it. Now that’s presentable and I haven’t even done this edge right here see that 10 times better I’ll come back and show you what we did with the whole seat good luck to you.

There’s the finished product now doesn’t that look a million times better than that or that look how cracked up that is now watch what happens when I do that side over there, that’s the driver’s side but there’s the finished product and we will do some sealer on it. Some leather conditioner and really make it look good but that is basically bringing up the dye that’s already in the leather with just a little bit of lacquer thinner and a little bit of closely matched red paint that’s it all right folks guys here is the driver’s seat.

It’s all done and it is a night and day difference now what we’re going to use is some 303 protectant if you want the best don’t use armor all if you want the best leather and plastic conditioner it’s aerospace technology look it up online it is called 303 protectant you can use it on the vinyl tops on your hot tub we’re just going to soak this all down and that’s reason that this seats even crack is because they did not use any protectant on the seat and if they would use this stuff or even armor-all at that if neck the worst case scenario if something is better than nothing so look at that and there’s no red because not only does the lacquer thinner penetrate the leather and allow the little bit of red dye.

That we have in the paint to go into the leather I’ll wipe it all down and then I’ll be back and show you the finished finished product in this car only has 60,000 miles on it for no five so they didn’t put conditioner on the leather they should have will be back so here’s the finished product as you see it looks a million times better than it did all cracked up rather have it red then ¬†cracks that’s for sure does it stuck out like a sore thumb when it was all cracked up like that look at that bolster good luck guys just subscribe and you’ll be picking up some good tips

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