How to Easily Remove Sticky Residue from Wood

How to Easily Remove Sticky Residue from Wood

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If you need steps and tips on how to remove sticky residue from wood, then this article is going to be your true savior because it has several of them that surely will be useful. It is said that removing sticky residue from the surface of a wood requires special trick, and removal of residue from wood is often considered to be the most challenging compared to removing residues from other surfaces, like the surface of a glass, plastic, or cloth. However, by following the tricks in this article can make your struggle to be less difficult.

The first thing you must do before removing the residue is that you need to make sure that every part of the wood which needs to be cleaned from residue is properly identified, as well as to check how bad the situation so you can decide which method of removal you can use effectively. Then, you can start to proceed to the steps of residue removal.

If there are still any considerable amounts of stickers on the wood, then you will need to remove the stickers first by scraping them using blunt tools, like an old credit card or to gain a better result, use a specialized scraped which is widely available on hardware markets. Scraping the stickers should be done slowly and carefully so the surface of the wood is not damaged by the effort. Now, the sticker should have been removed but it leaves residue behind. Well, let’s start the tips of how to remove sticky residue from wood!

Removing residue from wood using a wet cloth

A wet cloth can be used to wipe sticky residues that are not too sticky. Simply dampen a cloth and gently wipe it on the residues until it is clean. If you ask why the wood should not be soaked instead in water, the answer is because too much water can cause the wood to swell up and cause significant damage to it.

Removing residue from wood using oil

The next tip of how to remove sticky residue from wood is to use any liquid which is based on oil. Oil is very important and useful for the process of residue removal because oil helps to effectively dissolve the glue which makes the residues to stick to the surface. Use tissue or cotton bud to apply and rub the oil on the surface that contains residue. Now, all you have to do is rubbing the residues until it is completely dissolved. After that, you can wipe the oil and the rest of the wiped residues with a little bit of water and dishwater soap, as well as a sponge as the medium to wipe clean the wood surface.

Removing residue from wood using sandpaper

Using sandpaper to remove sticky residue is actually the last resort to utilize if none of the first tips work against the residues. Scratch the surface of the wood with sandpaper until it becomes free of any residues. Unfortunately, you will need to polish or paint the wood again because the chance that the surface may be damaged by the sandpaper is very high, which makes this tip to be the last resort of how to remove sticky residue from wood.

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