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How To Easy Clean Oriental Rug

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Hello everybody, how are you today? this morning we’re going to go through with you the process in which we care and clean for your oriental rugs, my partner here Chris Mackey and myself will go through station by station and how we care for your rug.

So actually the process starts here with a rug coming to the shop, we do have pickup and delivery available, so what we will do is we bring the rug out of the truck bring it into the shop and immediately, we actually make a tag for each individual rug and this one happens to be for a customer, and this particular rug has urine issues that we were we will treat and get rid of the urine odor and remove the stains.

So we will come over here and tag the rug, so we keep them organized and then what we do is you can see, we already have a beautiful oriental rug laid out, and we’ve already vacuumed to the top of the rug, and now we’re going to go ahead and flip this rug over and show you how we rug dust.

So now we will flip the rug and prepare it for rug dusting, our rug duster is state of the art made by central force in Michigan and Chris will now show you how we go about rug dusting, this particular rug dusting machine is made up of polyester straps that will gently beat the back of the rug to beat all the dirt and dust out, there you go so that’s basically what happens and it will beat the top of the rug and beat all the dirt and dust, which is the harmful part of not getting it roughly.

Okay now that we’ve rug dusted it and turned it back over, we’re going to go ahead and vacuum that again for the second time with the commercial vacuum, okay so now that we’re going to leave this rug here, because we have two rugs in our rug, rug bath that we want to show you how we pit basically what we do is put our rugs in the pit then start the water bring it up to a certain level add the oriental rug shampoo and this particularly these two particular rugs, do have some fresh wave out or neutralizer and you can see the circulation in the pump to get the water circulating through and you can see the tiles in the bath also which gets the water up and through and basically floats and levitates those rugs.

So they get a good even mating okay, so now that we’ve let these bathe for a period of time, what we do is we go ahead and wash through them with this tool here and as you can see get some good amount of water and now what this will do is you can see the dirt and the color, now this one happened to be in somebody’s basement for quite a long time and has quite a bit of dirt as, you can see and we basically you’re just going to go through this and kind of wash everything through.

Okay so now what we’ll do is we’ll bring the level of the water down beneath the tiles and use the squeegee and what we’ll do of course this still has water in it but will squeegee all the water, that we can get out and once we get to that point the rugs going to come out of here and go on to our extracting table over here and we’ll take out any excess water, we use you can get about 85% of the water out, so again the rug is going to come over here onto the extracting table and then we will hook in the portable to the air hog with this orange hose which will pull about 17 horsepower, and we will extract any residual water that we can get out and then after that we will bring the rug over here to our state-of-the-art centrum force rug rack we have 13 10 13 foot poles or bring that rug rack down to about right there and that rug will come over will drape it, and we’ll lift that back up and then also as you can see we have four air movers and the evolution dehumidifier.

So we will turn those on close the shop up after we have several rugs up on the on the rack and we’ll dry them usually about a day and a half day and a half they’re dry okay so final step would be coming off the rack rolling the rug wrapping it on the end and one in the middle so the rug continues to breathe then we mark each rug depending on what client there is and then we put them on the racks here and take them back where they pick them back up here at the shop you.

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