Clean Pet Poop Stains from Carpet

How to Easy Clean Pet Poop Stains from Carpet

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Hi welcome to life is clean I’m Tracy and for this, we’re gonna be talking about removing pet stains specifically pet feces poop from a carpet. Whatever you like to call it, now I know these things are not ones that we particularly like to clean, but we have a really quick and easy way for you to clean those stains and move on with life.

So sitting over here, I have two carpet stain removers in a carpet deodorizer that are available on life is clean calm, but for the same, we’re gonna be using pet saver carpet stain remover and pet saver carpet deodorizer and refresher.

So just a quick tip for all carpet stains you’re only gonna want to use a white rag only so first thing for the stain,

Tip: Always use a white rag

is we are going to use (Step 1)  a spatula and we’re gonna scoop that poop up from the carpet place it in a plastic bag and then throw that plastic bag away.

Tip: Throw directly into dumster!

After we’ve done that, we’re gonna take our carpet stain remover we are going to (Step 2) spray that stain and we’re gonna let that sit for about 10 seconds then we’re gonna start plotting that stain and we just want to get all the pieces and particles that were left behind from our spatula out from the steam once you’ve removed all those pieces and particles.

Tip: Make sure all feces particles are gone

We’re gonna (Step 3) spray the stain again so again we’re gonna let that sit for about 10 seconds and then we’re gonna start really agitating that stain and at this point you can even rub so you can get really really really deep into that carpet so at this point if your stain is not fully removed you are gonna want to place a heavy object on there and the process of that is you’re gonna want to spray the stain with the stain remover place your white rag place your heavy object with 25 to 35 pounds leave that for two to three hours come back if you’re staying is not removed you’re gonna want to repeat that process over again after that if your stain is successfully removed you’re gonna want to use the pet saver carpet deodorizer and refresher you’re gonna spray that onto your stain that’s gonna foam up a little bit and you’re gonna wanna let that soak right into the carpet when that fully soaks into the carpet and dries your odor should be neutralized and your stain should be successfully removed. Thank you for reading this tips about removing pet stains specifically pet feces poop from a carpet, hope can useful for all people, please leave a comment if you still have a question.

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