Best Carpet Shampooer for Pets

How to Find the Best Carpet Shampooer for Pets

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When you adopted a pet animal into your house, you welcome her as a new family member. It is said that having a pet is a huge commitment and from that day, you are responsible to her wellbeing. That’s including making some changes to your house to make keep her safe. As pet animal can also cause mess at your house, you need a powerful carpet cleaner or carpet shampooer to help you maintain a clean and hygiene space for all your family.

Carpet Vs Pet Animal

Every pet owner, especially cat and dog owner, knows very well that cleaning the carpet is much harder with a pet animal at home. Pet animal loves to lie down or snuggle on the carpet and loose hairs can stuck on the carpet fiber. Other bad things pet animal may do to the carpet are including outdoor dirt, food crumbles, and stains from saliva or worse, their urine. Keeping the carpet clean is very important to maintain your house a healthy space for family. Carpet cleaning becomes much harder after what the pet done. The odor and stain must be removed right away before it becomes worse and exposing your family, including the pet animal, from serious health risk. That’s the time when you wish to have the best carpet shampooer for pets.

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Carpet Shampooer for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shampooer is one invention every home owner cherishes. This device is proven to be effective to clean carpet from stains. There are many carpet shampooer models from different brands and manufacturers available on the market so, it won’t be easy to determine which one to buy. For the right carpet shampooer to buy, you need to consider these factors as follow:

–       Tanks capacities: The first one is solution tank where the water mixed with shampoo and the second one is recovery tank to hold dirty solution. Find the one with proper capacities suitable for the cleaning area at your house.

–       Heating unit: higher power offers faster heating process for faster cleaning process.

–       Pump: it must be powerful enough to generate optimum pressure to spray solution underneath the carpet surface but not excessively to damage the carpet fiber.

–       Rotating brush: The material of the brush must be strong enough to remove the dirt yet gentle enough to prevents damage on the carpet fiber. It’s the same with the RPM power.

–       Vacuum: Vacuum motor requires enough power to optimally lift water solution along with the dirt from the carpet fiber while keeping it from damage risks.

There are many sources of information to learn about different models and their technical specs so you can compare and find the most suitable one. Another factor to consider is your budget. Like it or not, the best carpet shampooer would be the one you can afford.

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Since you have a pet at home, it becomes another factor to consider. To find the best carpet shampooer for pets is not only the machine but the cleaning solution used for the cleaning work. Not only the cleaning solution or shampoo compatible with the machine but more importantly, it contains no ingredients unsafe for your pet animal.

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