How to Get Rid of Sticker Residue

How to Get Rid of Sticker Residue

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Having left sticker residue on your stuff is quite annoying. It could be stickier and attach more dirt on your stuff. It makes your stuff dirty and sticky. Lucky you, this writing will talk more about how to get rid of sticker residue. These are some tips and trick that you may apply.

Different techniques for removing sticker residue

To get an effective and instant result, there are several techniques you may apply. In general, you can scrap, soak, and rub the stuff with sticker residue. In more detail here is a step-by-step guide on each technique.

-by scrapping

1. When you are in hurry, you can directly scrap the residue using your finger and nail. When the residue is still wide, try to roll it and do not let it broken off. It will ease you in removing.

2. If there are still several small and sticky residues, you can use a credit card, scissors, or a knife. With its thin surface, the left and sticky residue will be gotten rid of easily.

3. As the final act, wrap the tiny residue using masking or double tape. The leftover one will attach to the tape and voila your stuff is clean.

4. in addition, rubbing the sticker residue using rubber or pencil/gum eraser is also already proven to get rid of sticker residue.

-by soaking

When you have more plenty of time and desire cleaner result, soaking your stuff will definitely help you.

1.    Mix water with some remover residue liquid such as vinegar, soap, water paste or baking soda.

2.    Soak your stuff for one to one and a half hour into the water.

3.    Rinse your stuff and wipe the sticker residue surface with a damp and rough cloth.

-by rubbing

You need to prepare a rag or cloth to wipe your stuff, a dry tissue, and some liquid remover such as goo goner, vinegar, cooking oil, eucalyptus oil, baby oil, mineral oil, rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, mayonnaise, toothpaste, or cooking spray.

1.    Damp the rag or cloth with the liquid that you choose.

2.    Rub the damp rag or cloth on the surface where the sticker residue is sticking.

3.    If the residue keeps sticking out some liquid on the residue and rub it again.

4.    Finally, wipe it with a dry tissue to remove the leftover liquid.

Useful and effective items on how to get rid of sticker residue

There are many effective items that can be used. They are baby oil, eucalyptus oil, cooking oil, rubbing alcohol, body lotion, nail polish removers, credit cards, petroleum jelly, lighter fluid, baking soda, scissors, double tape, gum erasers, and others. A different item will have a different step in removing residue.

What you should notice and be careful of

Some mentioned items above will bring harmful side effect such as baking soda or water on an electronic device. Therefore, you need to choose the right items based on the stuff which has residue. You should also be gentle in removing to the residue to avoid any damage. Well, that is how to get rid of sticker residue and you can find more information such as how to get rid sticker residue off glass, off clothes, on wood, on shirt, from plastic and many more.  Good luck!

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