how to get slime out of clothes

How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes

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Hello all today I will share for you how to get slime out of clothes, well little accident and I’m sure this is going to be every parent’s worst nightmare including mine so I guess I fell victim to karma now the little story goes, I was teasing my young daughter on the new packet of slime that we got and I was messing around not on not wanting her to have it and so on and yeah so karma comes along  and oops.

I talk to slime and as you can see, I drop the slime on my jeans so I’ve done some research on YouTube of course and there’s some very good ideas out there now to remove slime from clothes, so first of all I like to say thank you to everyone on YouTube that you know made a few suggestions so, I’m gonna give it a go and I’m gonna give it a go by using some well this is not necessarily white vinegar is actually cider vinegar so I’m hoping that it’s gonna have the same effect and after that.

I’m so eager yeah and I’m gonna use some very liquid, I must say that our other brands available in the market as well yeah so here we go oh by the way, I also made a little mistake which i think is a little mistake by adding a little bit more activator to my games and that made this line go a bit harder so let’s hope that this is gonna work so in goes the vinegar voila, then he goes on so let’s give it a little rub hmmm interesting very interesting.

Okay this is actually working a lot better than I thought but hmm I did come across a lot of different methods by for removing slime of clothes or fabrics but I must be quite surprised with this so hmm interesting all right so let’s give it some hot water.

I’m depressed right before your eyes Wow well I guess I’ll be buying more slime because that’s actually a way to remove it and no I’m done so for every parent out there do not despair if you do have slime on your clothes on your kids clothes on your carpet and your sofa and so on well my little secret weapon was Apple well cider vinegar apple vinegar whichever gonna call it so as you can see no sign no really impressed so on that note thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe and slime away. I think enough for now, I hope the tutorial about how to get slime out of clothes can useful for us.

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