How to Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

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Having some stickers on your laptop may give colors and identities to it. However, once you get bored, you need to peel the sticker to remove it.  As a result, there will be some sticker residues on your laptop. Removing the sticker residue is harder than removing the sticker itself. To help you, this writing provides you with how to get sticker residue off the laptop.

Useful materials in removing the sticker residue

The left sticker residue is pretty annoying. Luckily there are some materials that are already proven to effectively remove it. Here is the list of the materials;

1.    Water

2.    Paint thinner

3.    Vinegar

4.    Rubbing Alcohol

5.    Fingernail polish remover

6.    Dish soap

7.    Hairspray

8.    Toothpaste

9.    Baby or mineral oil

10.    WD-40

11.    Eucalyptus and tea tree oil

12.    PV Pipe cleaner

13.    Cooking spray

14.    Peanut butter

15.    Vegetable oil

16.    Pencil erasers or artgum erasers

17.    Water paste and baking soda

18.    Citric-acid based cleaner or also called ‘goo-gone’

That may be along the list. Yet, not all materials mentioned above could be sued to remove the sticker from your laptop. Since the laptop is an electronic device that easily broken if it is contaminated with a liquid such as water, you are not suggested to use some points above on your laptop. The safe materials to remove sticker residue from your laptop are hot water, citrus-based residue remover or ‘goo-gone’, mineral oil, eucalyptus oil, fingernail polish remover.

Steps on how to get sticker residue off the laptop

Once you know the right material that you want to use, prepare it and other supplementary stuff. This is one step-by-step on how to get sticker residue off a laptop using hot water, goo goner, eucalyptus oil, or mineral oil. Supplementary stuff you need is soft cloth and dry tissue.

1.    Damp the soft cloth using one of the following liquid: hot water, goo is gone, eucalyptus oil, or mineral oil.

2.    Rub the dampened cloth gently to the surface of the laptop which has sticker residue on it. Once it gets dirty to try to use the other clean sides of the cloth.

3.    Keep rubbing until the surface is clean. If the residue keeps sticking, you can add a small amount of the liquid to lubricate the cloth.

4.    Once the surface Is clean. Wipe it with a dry tissue to absorb any left liquid on it. It is intended to avoid any liquid getting into the water-sensitive part of your laptop.

What will happen if you do not remove it completely  

You need to be careful in rubbing the laptop because high pressure while rubbing may cause damage to an internal organ of your laptop. Do not put a soaking cloth or put too much liquid will bring electric short circuit to your laptop. Another effect of left sticker residue is a dirty laptop. As residue still contains a small amount of glue some dirt will easily get attached on it. Therefore, knowing how to get excess sticker residue off laptop is crucial. Good luck with trying the steps!

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