How to Get Urine Out of Carpet

How to Get Urine Out of Carpet Simple And Easy

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Hello everyone, today I will be Cleaning and I thought it was a great time to show you how to get urine off the carpet,  we have those accidents so we have two types of floor coverings we have area rugs like this one and then we also have carpet that is wall-to-wall which has a pad underneath.

So we have two different situations,  I will show you how to take care of them,  so I just poured a little water down here let’s pretend it’s your and I put it down just now and it is dry on the back and it’s dry on the pad which means it will be dry on the subfloor,  that’s why it’s important to get to it soon but we can’t always get to it quickly because we don’t always know what happens.

So I’m going to show you how to get all the urine out of the carpet and the pad when the other area rug it’s rather simple to get rid of urine if you bring this or we can come and pick it up we soak the rug in that way the cotton in the warp and weft soaks and there’s urine in there and we can flush that out like a diaper no chemicals.

Just washed completely urine free guaranteed with wall-to-wall carpet in your home your floor coverings will either be over concrete or your padding or it’ll be over plywood in some cases it might be over hardwood and you have to be a little more careful with how much moisture.

what we want to do is put a mixture together of white vinegar I keep this in my cabinet all the time and you’re going to put about a quarter of container or three to one mixed with water then I’m going to simply pour it and be liberal with it over the earn spot so it saturates the urine let it soak in then get a towel and start blotting don’t rub so I get more dry towels and I repeat this process several times until I don’t get any more transfer into the towel of the urine now the last thing I’ll do is I’ll get a dry towel fold it up put it on top of the spot get something heavy preferably nothing that transfers on color onto the towel of the carpet put it on top and let it overnight roping up and does any more moisture in the carpet will wick into the dry towel and you’ll see it here and you can even do it another night if you’d like so that’s how we’ve been taking care of the accidents at the Appleby house you.

You can see the video about how to get urine out of carpet simple And Easy at below, I hope this information can useful for us.

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