How to Remove Adhesive from Glass

How to Remove Adhesive from Glass

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The leftover adhesive residue on glass can block the transparency and make the glass dirty. The only best way is to get rid of it. In removing the adhesive, you need to be careful to avoid any damages. Therefore, this writing includes the step of how to remove adhesive from glass in the right way.

Various ways of removing adhesive from glass

The glass is a kind of stuff that is easy to get clean. Since by a hard pressure or being soaked will not give any significant damage to the glass. These are the ways and steps on how to remove adhesive from the glass.

a.    Wiping liquid remover such as rubbing alcohol, fingernail polish remover, dish soap, hairspray, toothpaste, Baby or mineral oil, Eucalyptus and tea tree oil, PV Pipe cleaner, Cooking spray, Peanut butter, Vegetable oil, Pencil erasers or art gum erasers, Water paste and baking soda, or Citric-acid based cleaner (goo gone)

1.    Spray the liquid on a cloth or a rug

2.    Wipe the cloth or rag on the adhesive surface

3.    Spray a small amount of the liquid on the adhesive and rub the adhesive again

4.    Clean the glass by wiping a dry tissue or by washing it in the water.

b.    Scraping or erasing the adhesive. Using scissors, a knife or a credit card, you can scrap the adhesive easily. Another way is by erasing it using a gum eraser. The small and sticky adhesive will disappear like writing does. Those the easy and instant ways on how to remove adhesive from the glass.

c.    Rubbing the adhesive using sticky tape. The sticky thing will be defeated by the sticker thing so does an adhesive tape. You can roll tape on your finger then wipe the finger to the adhesive surface or by simply sticking new tape on the adhesive then peel off the tape.

What you should avoid in removing adhesive from glass

If you choose some corrosive liquid to remove the adhesive, make sure you wear gloves or any protection on your hands. Some of the liquid also is flammable, so stay away from any fire or heat such as smoking. If your rubbing or scraping, do not press the glass too hard. It will damage the surface or even break the glass. Make sure you clean the glass before and after removing the adhesive, the materials that you use to remove the adhesive may be dangerous and poisonous.

How to prevent the leftover adhesive from glass

Prevention is better than fixing. Therefore, when the sticker is still sticking perfectly on the glass, you are suggested to take it off perfectly without leaving any adhesive or residue. One way is by heating up the glass using a hair blower. The heat will melt the sticking glue and ease you it takes the sticker off. Peeling the sticker incompletely or in standard heat is harder since the glue is still sticking. After knowing how to prevent and how to remove adhesive from glass, other than that, there is still a lot of other information like how to remove adhesive from glass shower door, picture frame, jars, bottles and much more. Now there may not be any adhesive sticking on your glasses anymore.

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