How To Remove Duct Tape Residue From Car

How To Remove Duct Tape Residue From Car Very Simple And Easy

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John Osteen a lemon and today I’m showing you how to remove duct tape residue from car, in the road the going these tapes. I’m going to take the tape the mass wanna be here today. I’m showing you housing of ma first of all why some clothes clean toes and a spray bottle, and goo went can buy anything very cheap goo gone straight bottle head put this inside here.

Before you astray goo gone portion of your vehicle like a bag of white paint, here just test the stray you know black clothes like this, make sure the white paint never stripping okay. So no stripping you don’t see any white if you see a white do not use that, in any kind of a vehicle any kind of a paint, you spray to try to get this tape in a very gentle.

Way, if you try to rip off sometimes, come so make sure people take the tips in a very slow, way so that way you don’t need to too much candy, so let me take this tape off now. I’m straining it not too not too much a little. Oh it is little kick parts you had a political more good one, and I will take all the sets of Howard you spray again, because when I try to clean one place the other side is drying up so you have to spray again, because kind of a heavy dirt here not bad.

So you can see here so this part here licenses because kind of a heavy so other part is coming out. So I’m bringing it out clean it. I can see how it’s getting white here so tape you can see the bit different see all the duct came from it, may white here I can see a white also so to Chevy Blazer, so I’m not done the lamp idle no cleanup go all you have to soak ,see if it’s okie a fixing here, so nothing so too much it will go fast.

How much you’re soaking that much we go fast see it like a brand new, now it’s like a brand new so we have to spray more it gets a huge different from before and now so maybe I think this one, I had to soak at least like two three hour every hour had on my check, and it is play when you drive spray and little try, try like this you don’t come straight little maybe somebody Cody called a kind of a heavy big tip.

So you wanna keep on straying and make sure at least, don’t too much force you can make a force you’re going to make a scratch, so what all he’ll do it just Hadley soak it for like two three hours every hour come here and check this dried little soak it again make sure it’s all in that getting it so little by little see, if you get a small like this so it will keep on go but don’t put too many your pressure should be little down, don’t put too much your heavy pressure and do that it can scratch the paint.

So I’m gonna keep this exist and as I said I think only one more time to spray two three one two three four spray Singh down one more time hairspray, I’m sure in the technology of painting theory of painting and spray those same make sure you also forget the spray so the spray go like that, right to the substrate gotta be like, like that second one you have to middle of that.

So that I’m going to be like this, I see third one’s half middle of that so fourth one that have I’m trying to show like one two three, so all got it so now I had a quite close and putting the pressure and wiping it down in gonna have a very good result, you will see a brand new Chevy Blazer sometimes. okay I think I took the most of the common dirt tape so all you do now take a nice piece of cloth and wipe it down get a good ending so after that you wipe it up also just get a water and spray some water based on car wash the car off and now you can see it’s gone.

Okay I think enough for the tutorial about how to remove duct tape residue from car , I hope you can get a useful for this information and I thank you for visit this site. For more you can watch a video at this below :

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