How to Remove Glue from Clothes and Fabric Easily

How to Remove Glue from Clothes and Fabric Easily

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Your kids love handcraft? As a parent, you must support them. Handcraft is a good activity for your children creativity development. However, you also need to get ready to face the problem. It happens when the glue sticks on your kids’ clothes. It is really difficult to remove. So, should you throw away the clothes? You don’t need to do that. We will tell you how to remove glue from fabric, easily.

Removing Glue from Clothes Guide

Before you use any methods we will mention below, make sure you check the glue package. See if there is any information about the way to remove the stain made of that glue. If you find one, you can follow that instruction. Otherwise, you can start to use the method below:

  • Let the glue dry,

  • Remove the dried glue, but don’t force to remove it completely, otherwise, it will only damage the fabric. Remove what you can remove.

  • Dip cotton wool in acetone and dab the dried glue stain. The acetone will make the stain softer, so you can remove it from the fabric. The acetone also can remove some of the color dye from the clothes. So, you need to consider the type of the fabric before applying this method.

  • Once you can remove some of the stains, you can apply Persil liquid. Apply it gently on the stained area.

  • Wash the clothes. Remember, you also need to use the correct washing method, so it won’t damage the fabric.

  • See if there is any stain remains on the fabric. If you can still see the stain clearly, you can repeat the steps above. When you redo the cleaning process, you must keep the clothes wet, to make it easier to clean.

The Acetone

This is an important ingredient you need to use for cleaning the glue stain. Maybe, you are not familiar with this name. But, you can find it easily in your home. It’s also known as nail polish remover. At least, one of your family members has one. Or, if you really don’t have the acetone, you can go to the store to buy it. You can buy the nail polish remover or the chemical form of acetone from the chemist.

As mentioned before, acetone can remove the color dye on the fabric. Therefore, it is better, if you try it first on the unused cloth to see the effect. Make sure the fabric where you do the test has a similar type like the fabric of the clothes with glue stain that you want to clean.

You also need to consider bringing the clothes to an expert, if you don’t know how to clean it correctly. Most clothes that you have, maybe, has good durability against the method that we’ve explained above. However, for clothes with special fabric, like silk, you need to take preparation and carefully clean it. Take a look at the label to find the best way to remove the stain. If you can’t find it, take it to expert, to avoid any damage.

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