How To Remove Hot Glue From

How To Remove Hot Glue From Fabric Easy Tutorial

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This microfiber lounge came to us with what looked like hot glue blobs, all over it we couldn’t shift it with solvents or cleaners but scent steams seemed to do the trick, so I’ll show two examples of using a special soldering iron with a rounded tip how to remove hot glue from fabric.

It this is the soldering iron, I used I got it from fanucci the tips about between say a five-and-ten-cent piece work quite well this glue is stuff is quite rubbery it’s bonded into the fibers of the microfiber fabric, so to try and scrape it off we just pull the fibers out of the material and make it worse hence the need to.

Actually soften it in order to get it out that’s, where the soldering iron comes into play that used in conjunction with a wet cloth allows, you to soften and melt this stuff kind of into the rag in most cases, where it’s a little bit thick sometimes it needs a bit of a hand to get it off, and that’s where I can scrape it a bit with the screwdriver to remove the thicker part once.

It’s been softened with the steam you can see at times here, when it’s soft it tends to want to stick to the cloth that way it kind of gets pulled off into the fibers of the cloth a little bit and using the edge of that hot soldering iron disc, you can kind of scrape it as well, so it’s just a little bit of technique that helps get rid of the bulk of it, so where there’s a little bit of residue left the sharp edge of the screwdriver scrapes that off fairly successfully going up and down in the kind of a pattern of the the fiber helps. You can read too How To Get Super Glue Off Your Skin

Then finish you off again with a bit more steam with the hot iron and the wet cloth pretty much drags the rest of it off the surface and it’s all gone after it’s all gone after its removed. I’ve given it a bit of a wipe down because it’s been wet. I’ve used an ordinary household iron with a dry rag to protect the microfiber surface to drive it, to dry the surface off we wipe down it’s a pretty good result, you can do the same thing using the iron but it’s much slower didn’t work very well, anywhere near as fast as using the soldering iron technique for some reason, but if you did get stuck you could persevere and you will get a final result which is just as good takes 10 times longer.

So just to prove that it wasn’t a fluke the first time we’ve done it on a number of the areas that were affected this one probably took at a maximum about 6 minutes, to actually go from start to finish so it quite works, quite well for this stuff whatever it was and as I said I think it’s probably a hot glue something like that so certainly worth a try if you come across that in the future if solvents won’t get rid of it if cleaners won’t get rid of it maybe you can try this steaming method good luck. I hope this tip about how to remove hot glue from fabric can useful for all people, and thank you for visit this site. Watch the video at below for more tutorial.

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