Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car Easy And Cheap

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Okay so if you’re a pet owner and you travel with them, often you know how much of a payment can sometimes be to remove the pet hair all the fibers of the carpet, so we have a couple different tools and a few different methods that we like to use right here at Detail King, to help us assist in pulling all that pet hair out of the fibers of the carpet.

That typically your vacuums just won’t be able to reach or won’t be able to suck up itself, so one of those methods that we like to use first is you can use something as simple as nitrile gloves like I have on here, right here all we have to do is just simply glide it or brush it across, the surface of the carpet and this really helps us to pull up.

Any of that surface pet hair, as you can see right here in my hand just makes it a little bit easy, but for any of that hair that’s really embedded itself deep down into the fibers, that’s been sitting up for a little while we probably need to reach for a couple of different pet hair removal tools.

So the first tool that I like to reach for is the first off this is really great for pulling up all that embedded hair that’s weaved its way down into the fibers and really good for any of these large surface areas, but before I go ahead and use this tool let me show you one quick tip and one quick secret ingredient that we use to help release all the hair is we take fabric softener to dilute it 7 to 1 in a quart bottle, and we just want to mist it across the fibers of the carpet again.

That’s going to help soften it up and really help assist even more to release the hair out of the fibers, so we can go ahead here, I’m just going to mist again all over the carpet here let that set up for a few seconds and then now I can take our furs off and go ahead and gradually pull up any of the hair on that surface, you can see here all, I’m doing is just brushing it across and you can already see just all that hair building up.

I’m pulling up it’s probably one of the best pet hair removal tools out there on the market we just look at all this pet hair, now after I’ve brushed it into a pile like this all, we need to do is just simply take our shop vac and go ahead and suck up all this hair, so now you’ve seen how simple and easy it is to use the furs off for what, I’m getting close to these plastic areas or any of the hard-to-reach areas.

This can sometimes be a little bit harmful to those type of surfaces so that’s when I’ll reach for the rubber pet hairbrush this is great for really getting in those tight areas and again, if this brushes up against eating the plastic surfaces it’s not going to harm it in any way so let me show you, how you can use this just simply take it just almost as simple or the same process like we did with the furs off AC, just want to brush it all up here if we want to get down here in this tight spot and just take it to brush it around and again.

It’s not going to harm those plastics or paint and metals or anything like that even getting close up to the plastics here we’re not going to harm it at all you can see that’s really helping to pull it up to now just like we did earlier now we brush it up into a pile we can take our shot back and go ahead and suck all that up so you can see here with just a couple pet hair removal tools a little bit of fabric softener we were able to really remove all the pet hair that’s embedded ┬áitself into the fabric of the carpets.

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