How to Remove Sticky Residue from Plastic

How to Remove Sticky Residue from Plastic without Difficulties

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After you have bought a plastic ware, the next thing you do is to find the way of how to remove sticky residue from plastic since you want to remove the sticker label from its surface. Well, in order to remove sticky stains from plastic, it is worth noting that plastic has a lower resistance against heat compared to glass, so removing the stains with heat will be more likely to harm the plastic more before the stain can be cleaned from it. Although removing with heat might work, it requires a lower temperature to make sure the plastic is not ruined when trying to heat the adhesive up. So, what are the ways to remove stains from your plastic ware?

Removing stains from plastic using cooking oil

The first thing you want to utilize in order to remove stains from the surface of a plastic is cooking oil. First, you will need a container and fill it with cooking oil (any cooking oil, whether it is coconut, olive, vegetable, or palm oil works perfectly in this). Then, put the plastic with sticky stains in the oil and leave it for a long time, about twelve hours or a day. The idea to use cooking oil is based on the fact that oils dissolve the glue that makes the stains to stick on the plastic, so using cooking oil will let the stains to dissolve. After the time to wait has ended, simply remove it with your finger or a tool, like a razor blade, might come in handy to assist you to perform the steps of how to remove sticky residue from plastic.

Removing stains from plastic using wet wipes and table salt

Removing stains with table salts might sound ridiculous at the first time, but this is actually, an effective method if the stains are sticky enough. You need to obtain a small amount of table salt, then you will have to pour the table salt mentioned on the sticky residue to make the glue (or anything that makes it sticky) to dry up and harden. Then, take several pieces of wet wipe (preferably wet wipes that contain alcohol) and wipe the stains away from the surface of the plastic. Usually, this part of the process is not instant and you have to repeat it many times in order to make sure that the stains are completely removed. After several wipes, your piece of plastic will be free from any pesky sticky stains that used to be an annoyance in your life!

Removing stains from plastic using lacquer thinner

Okay, perhaps the stains are too sticky so the first two steps did not work. Then, you need a stronger weapon to do it, which is a bottle of lacquer thinner. You just need to soak the stained surface into the thinner and leave it for ten minutes. Then, the sticky residues should have been dissolved and all you have to do is to scratch the rest using any blunt tools. Now, those are the things to do on how to remove sticky residue from plastic!

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