How to Remove Super Glue from Fabric

How to Remove Super Glue from Fabric with Ease

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The way on how to remove super glue from fabric is pretty tricky, but it is still a pretty easy thing to do overall. Sometimes, kids love to play and making creative arts, and this is a good thing for them to do! However, one day, they decided that normal glues have not enough adhesive power, so they switch to power glue in order to make things easier. Unfortunately, their clothes got stained by the super glue, and super glue is definitely one of the trickiest stains that need special to remove. Well, what should you do to remedy it?

The thing that allows you to remove super glue easier

Unlike white glue or “normal” glue which can easily be removed using water, super glue needs more than that to be dissolved effectively and totally. Using alcohol would not provide you a significant result either since alcohol only removes a glue that is based on epoxy and instead of both of the substances mentioned earlier, super glue is composed mainly of cyanoacrylate. You will need an ace in the sleeve to deal with this, and acetone is the thing you need. Keep in mind that some acetone might ruin the color of the clothes, so pick your acetone carefully! Besides, you might want to check the chemicals contained and test it in a safe spot before you removing the glue stains. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed to the steps of how to remove super glue from fabric!


  1. Make sure that the glue stain has completely dried

If you find out that your kids are staining their clothes with super glue, try not to panic and straightly scrubbing the stain, since it would only make things worse. Instead, you need to take your time and let the glue dry. Contrary to popular belief, stains are easier to remove when it is completely dried. It is not a hard way to differentiate between a dry stain a wet stain since a dry stain should no longer be sticky and it is hard when you touch it with your fingers.

  1. Apply acetone on the stain

“To fight a fire using another fire” is the most suitable quote when describing this step, since we are going to use a chemical mixture to remove another chemical mixture. The easiest way is using a nail polish since it contains a high amount of acetone. But before that, make sure to test it on a safe space! Now, put the acetone on the glue stain and wipe it carefully. You will need to do this multiple times, especially on a thick stain, because the acetone only removes one layer of it at a time.

  1. Wash the clothes

After the stain has completely removed with acetone, the last thing you should do is washing your clothes with a good detergent. Simply wash your clothes as you usually wash it, but this time, make sure that the detergent you use is strong enough to clean your clothes but gentle enough not to ruin it. Well, those are the things of how to remove super glue from fabric!

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