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Building a Better Box: First Things First

A few months ago, we signed a full year lease with Industry City, and with that, it was time to start thinking big... 20,000 sq. ft. big! 

Yesterday, we officially launched our capital campaign to Build a Better Box by asking you to adopt a piece of MFb for just $10 / square foot. We want to keep you totally up to date on what our plans are as money comes in and we start using it, so we'll be putting these updates up regularly and sharing them with you. 

For those who have been to Magic Futurebox since we moved into our fantastic warehouse space in June, you know that MFb is full of possibilities... But those opportunities also come with some restrictions, and one of the biggest is that privacy is at a premium in an open warehouse space. We want to be able to balance the flexibility and the vastness of this space for large scale arts events and installation theater and all kinds of productions that need to utilize the unique size of Magic Futurebox, while still being able to separate parts of it from the whole for rehearsals and workshops. 

After talking to our fantastic contractor, Steve Spektor, he recommended we build a series of modular walls on wheels that would allow us to separate the space in any way we want, and open it back up as needed. He sent us a great drawing and we're chomping at the bit to start building, but we need $9,580 more to complete this leg of the build out project. 

If you can give us a tax deductible donation, please visit our donations page at Fractured Atlas (or consider making a monthly pledge). 

However, if you don't have money, we're looking for the following materials to be donated and we'll credit you as if you donated cash. Maybe you have some of these lying around: 

• 1/2" x 4' x 8' plywood

• Lots of 2' x 4's

• 2" locking heavy duty casters 

• White, high gloss latex paint 

• 2" thick Thermafiber insulation

• Cinder blocks 

If you've got any of these items and you're looking to donate them to a good cause, please reply in the comments or shoot us an email at We can't wait to start on this project ASAP and with your help, we will make it happen! 


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