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Oriental And Area Rug Cleaning Process

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This is a 5×8 wool rug we’re going to demonstrate cleaning is heavily contaminated with pet urine, we have already pre vacuumed with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner, we flip the rug over we’re going to use our rug badger to knock, whatever sand or dust or dirt might be left in it as you can see on the back the pet urine that is came through very heavily contaminated and now that we went over it with the rug badger.

We’re going to roll the rug up get it ready to put in the pit to get it washed rolling the grid out of the way, we’re going to see how much sand and dirt was left in after we used a commercial vacuum cleaner on it as you can see it’s a lot of dirt and sand left, this is one rug lot of debris left there, you have it a lot of big pile of sand dirt left behind after we vacuumed, so going down to wet the rows on both sides you loosen the contamination up using cold tap water.

Now we got the front side, we’re going to do the same to the back there everything loosened up in the washed it, as you can see we’re letting the road is a lot of soap residue left behind from a previous home cleaning or some kind of detergent those, you use on it we’re going to rinse all that out with this much soap residue left in the rug attracts dirt and soil fix back to it.

This is some of the year and this came out of the rug already just by rinsing it, we have any started cleaning just rinsing and a lot of urine coming ou., I’m going through with a rotary thing specifically designed for cleaning area rugs soft bristle brush, with goes over and loosens all the foil and set your contaminants off that, we can wipe them out, the process works a lot better than clean with the regular coffee from the lawn on the driveway or on the hardwood floors.

They always bring the legs back out facility, we can put them in the fit and sit in the proper way now that we’ve worked on the back side, we’ve turned the rug over we’re going to do the same thing to the front side, then we’re going to let out a charge it soak in for a few minutes to kind of have some dwell time and neutralize that pedo odor.

Alright our next step will start rinsing the road getting all the cleaning detergents urine wash everything out of it this is our first sprint process, you can see lots of urine in this road, now this cleaning method here we can guarantee 100% that we can get all of it out to get our wash fit angle, so everything runs over to a corner into the pit the corner goes into the pump everything goes out to the accepted system large amounts of urine coming out.

Sall rug rack once we finish cleaning the rugs and grooming them out we’ll hang them on the rack for drying all right now we’re in our second process of rinsing second step here we’ve hooked our water hose up to the one, we had made for rinsing the rugs a little weighted head on it puts a little weight, we’ll do this process until all the water comes out clean and clear all right it’s looking better now that.

We got everything rinsed out with only three would you extract and process the water out we ready to hang up now that we’ve got all the water extracted out put it over and we’ll groom it out get it ready to hang it and dry it all right we’ve got it groomed out we’ve hung the rug for drying it’s doing a final inspection to make sure we’ve got everything it miss any spots once the rug dries we’ll wrap it package it ready for delivery.

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