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Repairing a Tear in Leather

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Here we’re going to show you how to repair a tear in leather using the techniques. it’s possible to make a completely invisible repair to small holes and tears. two centimeter tear in cushion the first stage to repairing this is to secure a sub par behind the tear this holds the two sides that hair together.

Tools That You Used to Repair Leather:

  • Tweezers
  • Canvas Or Patch
  • Glue
  • Hairdryer
  • Pallet Knife

Securely it gives something for the filler to adhere to cut out a ¬†section of the sub patch large enough to cover the hole with an additional 1 centimeter border around all sides using the tweezers provided in the repair kit carefully maneuver the patch behind the tire. Once you have the first corner of the patch in place apply pressure with your finger to prevent this from slipping while you position the rest of the patch, it’s important to take your time with this stage to ensure the patch is placed correctly.

This is what holds the tire together if you’re finding it difficult to secure the patch you could place a pin through the center of the patch into the foam behind the leather, this will hold the pipe steady while you took the corners behind the leather once the patch is in place trim away any loose fibers from the edge of the tear using the pair of scissors. This makes it easier for the filler to sit flush with the leather the next stage is to secure the patch in place using the leather glue.

Give the glue a good shake before use you’ll find it a lot easier to apply the glue if you lift one side of the tear so that it is sticking away from the canvas or patch this allows the gut to insert the pallet knife behind the leather and smear the glue onto the reverse side of the leather once one side is coated repeat the process with the other side once the glue has been applied hit the area with a hair dryer for about five minutes to help the glue cure faster or leave it to dry naturally for about 20 minutes.

The area can be filled with the heavy Philip within 50 minutes but it takes 24 hours fought to be out strongest if there is a hole the next step is to fill the remaining gap using the heavy filler using the palette knife spread a small amount of filler over the gap, that’s remaining in all directions give the palette knife a quick clean and using the clean edge remove any excess filler from either side of the tear just the same as the leather glue you can reduce the drying time of the filler by heating it with a hairdryer this will reduce the drying time to just a few minutes once the first coat of fellow is dry apply a second coat taking care to tidy up any excess filler from around the edges.

once dry the filler needs to be colored to blend in with the leather perfectly to do this we’ll use a leather touch-up kit the touch-up kits are available in various shades too much of different colors of leather however it takes quite a while to show you how to match the color of leather.¬† So, please refer to our color matching video to see how to do this the basic principle is to mix the base color with the tints then apply this to the leather to see if it matches if it doesn’t match simply tint it some more and keep repeating this process until it matches .

The leather exactly once you have a good match you can then apply it to the repair to do this apply a small amount of color onto a sponge and gently dab this onto the repair leather just like the other products the color will dry within a few minutes if you warm it up with a hairdryer it may be necessary at this stage to add another coat of heavy filler in order to bring the repair flush with the surrounding leather remember remove any excess filler from around the repair.

Once the final cut of filler is dry continue applying the color until you can no longer see the repair once you’re happy with the color double cove Ellicott’s a leather finish on in order to seal the color in and achieve the correct level of shine to match the leather once again you can use a hairdryer to reduce the drying time of the finish and so this should only take a couple of minutes pea coat as you can see the tear has completely been repaired and is no longer noticeable you

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