Rug Cleaning Pet Stains and Odours Tutorial

Rug Cleaning Pet Stains and Odours Tutorial

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Okay so we’ve had this into the shop, and as you can see from the back it’s got a bad case of pet staining and subsequently not a very nice odor. This is the back of the rug and you can see the staining that’s coming through, So, the first thing to do is to give it a thorough vacuum both sides.

I’ll start off in the back first and then we’ll flip it over and do the front. Other side the idea is that the we do the back first because any grit and so on will fall into the not sure if you can see the holes whoop in the flooring just here so any smaller grains of dirt will actually end up falling through those holes so yeah let’s get on with there doing the vacuuming okay so now we’ve made the wasp its we’ve got the rug in there.

I’ve made it slightly larger than the rope for demonstration purposes and the first thing, I’m going to do, I’m not going to put the cleaning solution in first, because I think that this one’s quite bad, I’m going to rinse it with just plain water to begin with, So I’ll just turn on the hose and fill up the bath and let you see what what comes out with you okay. So a fully filled up the fit of the wash pit but there’s plenty of water there to just cover the rope, I’m going to get the worst of the staining out with this tool and hopefully you’ll see some movement of brown water and then we’ll rinse it and there.

We’ll start the feeding procedure with the sanitizing clean product, after this process hey folks Appetit, okay so the Rutgers had three rinses with just plain water and we’ve turned it over, so this is the back of the racket you can see that state is still slightly there so what we’re going to do now.

I’m going to start the cleaning process what have we got we could best product, I’ve found so far it’s this one, I do if you can see that but in if it’s it’s a rinse agent and yoora neutralizer so this will not only clean the rug it will sanitize killing all the bacteria and neutralizing any urine and removing the odors etc. So well yet we’ll fill it up again and apply the the sanitizing solution and we’ll leave that to soak for an hour or so and start the cleaning.

Okay and the extraction, okay I just thought I’d show you how we actually scrub the back of the rug, So I put plenty of water on the back end Cavey solution and now let’s give it a good scrub you can have it was in this area, that’s how we go from effective the coffee, okay this needs to be done is to rinse that off and turn the rock over to do the front okay, So the back has been cleaned and I’ve rolled the rug up over to this corner and what I’m going to do now is put the rug into the cleaning solution.

So first thing, I do is get the actual sanitizing product and put some into the bar into the pit you only need a small amount of this is very strong we just fill that bathtub with the water and put the ring in okay so the the picked is full of water the rug is virtually float to the city through slides along the surface and it’s the one you to use this little stiff brush to agitate between the room there’s a lot coming out, but you see me having to rinse this quite a few times, is actually the fourth plan we put this rug into the into the pit rinsed, but it’s the first time that the Santoni product, so

We’ll get new time to get this one be leave that soak, they look like we’ve skipped a couple of stages and they’re basically a rinse the topic but this is the but back side of the road and I thought only against their the other side so that the four figures and think and I’m now just going look moisture led to the bathroom but possible.

I’ll flip it over again once more and get it looks more sure to the fence and put on the driver do the other side now what can you show you this was a lot nicer than you forgot this drummer sanitizing quality smells healthy don’t flip it over like that what’s coming out of it give it a bit of a break put all the piles anyway this helps to the Dryad so the air can circulate in between the fibers people that would after it’s dry okay that’s ready go dry it we’ve done between in the Winston sanitizing and now it’s time to keep trying it and give it to hearing so we got the well give the hanging up on the friedrich and blowers we got the keepers on there sorry investment in a couple of hours

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