How To Remove Sticker Residue From Plastic

Simple Tutorial How To Remove Sticker Residue From Plastic

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Hi there my name is Vince from I’m eight things common in this tips today I’m going to show you how to remove sticker residue from plastic, the ones that leave the residue behind, from hard plastics. So if you’ve got something where you’ve scraped and scraped the label and it looks a complete mess, then what you can do is, you can just rub, surgical, spirit onto, it now you get this stuff really cheaply from high street shops in the UK.

This was bought from boots, in the rest of the world, you will know this is rubbing alcohol it’s basically the same thing but in the UK we call it surgical spirits all we have to do is put a little bit of this onto a bit of kitchen towel and then keep rubbing the sticky area, this is fine here because it’s hard plastic, so it’s not going to cause any damage if you were to use it on something like leather or fake leather.

Then if you were to rub this on there what will happen, is it will actually remove the coloring from it, so don’t use it on fabrics but for something like this is absolutely fine hard shiny plastic, so let’s give it a go now when you’re working with this stuff keep it away from children.

So I’m just going to put a small amount on there, and all I’m gonna do is just constantly rub it onto here and what would happen is eventually it would resolve through the paper and the glue, now this one’s going to take quite a lot because there was a lot of labor left on there.

If it was just a sticky residue then it wouldn’t take as much but you can already see it starting to break down you and now we’re just going to give it one good dry up with a clean dry kitchen towel, so there you go as you can see now or the residues now are gone and it’s nice and clean and dry and it’s not sticky at all so all it takes is some surgical, spirit or rubbing alcohol, as it’s also known and quite a bit of elbow grease you do really have to go at it for quite a while if you know if any other products that work well doing this job. Okay I think enough for a tutorial about¬†how to remove sticker residue from plastic,¬†I hope can useful for all people and if you have any question about this tutorial please leave a comment at below. Thank you for visit this site.

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