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The 5 Best Spot Carpet Cleaner You Can Buy In 2018

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The smart review presents the 5 best spot carpet cleaner in 2018 let’s get started with the list starting of our list at number One if you have pets then you might just want the :

#1. Bissell spot-clean pro

Above in this cleaning kit both will ensure that pet stains and odors disappear it’s also great for other common household stains you may encounter the kit comes with three items of PowerShot oxy spray for most of the common stains you’ll encounter a pet stain enzyme-based spray for pet stains and organic stains that will work over the course of 12 – 72 hours to remove the stain and finally a pet stain and odor formula that you can add to your spot cleaning machine tank at number two

#2. Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover

Is so good that people talk about it it is easy to use just spray and blot no scrubbing or vacuuming required spot shot removes both oil-based and water-based stains regardless of age spot shot removes pet stains grease Cola coffee wine food spills ink shoe polish lipstick blood and thousands of other stains spot shots proprietary formula liquefies tough stain particles allowing them to be lifted out of carpeting without rubbing scrubbing or vacuuming our list at number three

#3. Chem-Dry Carpet Stain Extinguisher Spot Remover

Developed and used by the world’s most trusted cleaning professionals chem dries carbonating carpet stain extinguisher quickly and thoroughly removes most stubborn spots from carpets upholstery auto interiors and even clothing chem dries unique Oh bling action lifts the spot to the surface unlike any other spot remover chem dry carbonated stain extinguisher is a water-based cleaner ideal for dirt and most common food spills such as ketchup syrups soda pop chocolate and more safe non-toxic and doesn’t use harsh solvent so no dirt attracting residues are left behind at number four

#4. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

So as we mentioned sometimes a spray or foam isn’t enough to get a stain out which is why you should have a spot cleaner machine on hand Bissell’s little spot clean portable carpet cleaner is awesome the water and suction work together to remove deep stains that have soaked down to the bottom of the carpet and it comes with both the stair and upholstery tool so you can clean pretty much anywhere this will provide you with a deep clean so if the carpeting around the area is slightly dirty you may notice a color difference once you are done and coming in at number five of

#5. Resolve Carpet Cleaner With Triple Oxi Action Advanced Carpet Stain Remover

Our list resolve sweeps the board when it comes to spot cleaning it resolves the problem by dissolving the problem it can handle a wide variety of stains effectively ranging from food pet stains wine and other water-based liquids spray your stain and let the product sit for five minutes next you’ll take a damp cloth to the stain and gently Pat or rub it until it is no longer visible we know that there are many many products that you can try out there but we recommend this one because it’s the one that people go back to after they’ve tried all of the competitors brands.

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