How to clean tough grout stains

The Ultimate Guide How to clean tough grout stains

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How to use toilet bowl cleaner to clean your grill, I saw this tip on Facebook I haven’t tried it yet but I really like colored grout zero life at all. I can literally not think of anything else to do so I’m going to apply the toilet bowl cleaner to my credibly dirty grove and we’ll see if it really works like I saw that it did on Facebook.

How to clean tough grout stains

I realize how hard it is to tell but this grout is supposed to be like a light durable and the nice thing that I saw about this toilet bowl cleaner is that you can, oh god it’s just pouring no it’s not supposed to do that you could just run a light bead. I must be having control issues on the Facebook page, she made it look so much easier oh I’m not doing it fast enough there you go, really I mean we could spell a name on this looks like a lot of toilet bowl cleaner active alright so here’s what I’ve discovered it comes up pretty fast.

So you have to kind of go really fast and I’m on fast it’s not my thing and then I guess you leave it I’m not sure guy, I mean seems like a freaking time a toilet bowl cleaner on your floor got carried away and I kept drawing this may come back to bite me but I don’t know if you can see or not I’m gonna try to zoom in just on the grout lines it’s actually like bubbling or something like you see that guy’s.

I just had a random and yet terrifying thought what if this stains my great blue I mean one of the up what this it’s pretty good isn’t it is the odds good but this is going to stain my grout blue so it’s been about five minutes and since I’m terrified that this is gonna stain it blue I’m gonna wipe it off now and well it’s not stinging it’s not singing blue.

I hope you all like that can you guys see the dirt as white like obvious if it’s blue but can you see the line of dirt there just comes off with no scrubbing okay just a side note. I did see this little corrosive skeleton hand thing there and I was like, I probably should award love so wear gloves I guess my hands don’t feel like they’re Gavin turned into skeletons that they don’t feel actually feel soft it’s not a good thing anyways but um wear gloves just in case.

I don’t want you melting your skin off overall, I am pretty impressed so here’s a corner of the square kind of hard to see because some of the stuff, you know spilled over but um and my shadows in there but can you see this was all not done and then this was all done with the toilet bowl cleaner . So, the nice thing is I mean I guess I do my grow often as in a few times a year often it probably would be more of an impact if I never had clean my grout ever but you can see just now it’s like uniform like there’s no stains in it anymore.

Whereas the old grout had like splotches of gross Ness overall, I’m actually super impressed the way toilet bowl cleaner cleans grow it’s by far the easiest thing. I’ve actually tried it tried you know oxy clean baking soda and vinegar mixtures I tried scrubbing, I tried bleach spray this worked the best it doesn’t have like a really obnoxious odor kind of smell like toothpaste and I’ll show you the rag dog dog dog seriously.

I thought I described you know the gross so, I’m gonna carry on um I figured I figured out a trick you can actually like control the flow by turning this so, I had it up all the way. I’m going to turn it down a little bit so not as much pours out so now we leave the floor quickly and what am i festival my mob is that you can have like a different solution for every floor and then just switch it out. I use the Rubbermaid reveal mop you don’t have to use this mop bolita mix them up like this there’s lots of different brands but I’m just going to rinse the floor really well because my fur babies.

I’m using just water so, I’m all set man get the floor quick wash I’m using just water because I really have no idea what is in toilet bowl cleaner it can’t be the healthiest thing and I don’t want to miss mix chemicals. you guys know that bleach and vinegar mixed together makes like chlorine gas the same type of type of poisonous things can be made using a lot of different products mixed together. so, I’m just going to see this go ahead and English with water on a completely unrelated side note a lot of people do ask me about this mop and if I recommend it you definitely don’t recommend this brand in particular this is just the one that.

I have but I like that you can spray on the solution and then mop it up and then the pads can rip off and just you know put in your wash so you’re not spending as much money as like a Swiffer WetJet we’re constantly having to replace the solution I like that, you can make your own solution you can switch it for different kinds now it does have its problems sometimes the handle doesn’t work and I actually broke one before not realizing what was happening what is happening is when I was filling up the solution.

if I made it too warm or put in hot water as it cooled it created like a vacuum type thing that would make it so it wasn’t coming out and I just keep pushing on the handle and pushing on the handle and I was like the handles broken push it really hard and eventually, I broke it now I’ve learned when that happens if I’m squeezing it nothing’s coming out. I just simply have to release the pressure by opening it up now that it’s a different temperature and it’ll work fine again so a quick tip if you have a Rubbermaid reveal up and you’re like what the deuce why isn’t I’m working.

I don’t think it depends on what kind of toilet bowl cleaner you’re using just toilet bowl cleaner really works well great so give it a try, I’m giving this one to come get some of you but right now and a quick other tip for a toilet bowl cleaner when we got our boat we were cleaning it a person who worked at a boat cleaning place said that they actually use toilet bowl cleaner and that for doing some research.

I saw that tons of both places professional boat cleaning people use toilet bowl cleaner on their boat so you know it’s heavy-duty and it really really works especially for those gross organic stains guess that makes sense anyways thanks so much for watching next time you’re in the dollar store pick up some toilet bowl cleaner and give your grout a queen Pacha tip about How to clean tough grout stains.

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