This is How to Get Rid of Dog and Cat Urine Smells for good

This is How to Get Rid of Dog and Cat Urine Smells for good

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Hey this is Annie from L.A , how you doing today well I just wanted to make this article because I have a puppy and if you will like me then your puppy probably peed all over the place and your house smells like urine and it smells like you have tons of cats or dogs or whatever you have and it can just drive you crazy especially .

When it’s hot so the first dog, that I have he’s about two and he is potty-trained wonderful dog, but then we just added a three month old puppy and he is not potty-trained so he just seems like he just wants to pee everywhere and I noticed that the pee smell was stronger than even my first puppy and so he peed in the room and it was so bad.

That it just drove me crazy so after buying tons and tons and tons of the products that they have on the Shelf I just was it’s expensive to keep buying those products when all they do basically is mask the issue and so I said you know what there has to be something else that can be a little bit more cost-effective and that you can have on hand so that when he had little accidents you will be ready to rock n roll.

So let me share with you what I did and hopefully, it will hear them now, okay so you’re going to be so surprised when you find out what it is the first thing is the Bissell so that do have a carpet cleaner so it’s the Bissell.

The Bissell cleaner all stops okay and this next product ┬áit’s got made you yes you call this baking soda, ha yes baking soda will actually do wonders but let me tell you real quick how I did it the first time, in the bedroom where it really smell I clean the carpet with the Bissell and nice deep cleaning and then I sprinkled some baking soda .

I sprinkled the baking soda and just let it sit in there but that’s about two days I just let it sit and then after that about two days I went back and I did the Bissell again the room is not really large but the 4000 didn’t take that long and you will be surprised to this day and that was about a month and a half ago he has had little accidents .

I know I smell so what it actually does, it does get the smell and everything does get to everything under that deep carpet but it does something where it kind of neutralizes and clean so even if you clean it with capping you will not smell urine so you definitely want to get this nothing you don’t have to use this one but you know to have a cleaner and definitely get this one , you know you probably get the orange box that’s fine I got the little price right chief version because is always uses they do come in bigger versions but I’m try it out let me know how it works for you and see ya back .

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