How to Remove Crazy Glue from Fingers

Tricks on How to Remove Crazy Glue from Fingers

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How to remove crazy glue from fingers needs to apply when you get the super glue on your fingers.  You surely know how much frustration when your fingers are attaching together due to the use of crazy glue carelessly. If you try to separate it, it will hurt your skin. It is not the end of the world. You can apply the following tricks.


The main weakness of crazy glue is acetone. Applying acetone directly to the attached area of the super glue can dissolve the crazy glue to your skin and fingers. Then, it will remove the dry glue easily. Though you can buy pure acetone online, you can use a nail remove based on acetone to remove crazy glue from your fingers and skin.

The note is that acetone can make your skin dry. It is important to apply a kind of moisturizer after removing the crazy glue. There are some ways on how to remove crazy glue from fingers with this material. Firstly, pour the nail remover based on acetone in a small bowl. Rinse a finger attached crazy glue in a remover for 5 minutes. Try to rub the glue with your fingers. After the glue is loosened from the skin, take it out. Wash your skin thoroughly with a soap and warm water. Apply a thick moisturizer to prevent a dry skin condition.

Using Salt and Warm Water

If you get worried about using acetone on your fingers, try to take another alternative way for removing a crazy glue with salt and warm water. The sprinkles of salt have a function to remove dry glue from your fingers. But, you must rinse your crazy glue – attached fingers in a warm water to soften the glue.

Firstly, pour the warm water into a bowl. Rinse your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes. If the glue is attached in a hidden body finger part and you cannot rinse it, rinse the backup cloth in a bowl of warm water and compress it on your fingers. The next way is rubbing the salt on the crazy glue and rinse it in a bowl of warm water. Peel the dried glue from the finger skin. Rub a crazy glue attaching on your fingers with salt. If it is necessary, you may apply it strongly. Scrub it for one minute. When the glue starts to peel, rinse it back into the warm water for 1 to 2 minutes. The glue can be got rid of easily. You may change warm water with lemon water.

Using Dish Soap and Warm Water

If you have a sensitive skin, start to remove crazy glue with this soft way. The dish soap has a strong formula for cleaning purposes. The formulation is fairly mild to apply your skin. It works efficiently and dissolves the bound of crazy glue. You must be patient because it requires some rinsing ways to complete the job.

To do this way, firstly rinse the fingers in a warm liquid soap to remove super glue. Mix 5 or 6 drops of the dish soap in a glass of water. Rinse the skin attached in a liquid formula for 5 minutes. Try to touch the edge of dried glue with your fingers. Do it until the dried glue is removed. Those are some ways on how to remove crazy glue from fingers.

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