how to remove sticker residue from glass

Tricks to Remove Sticker Residue from Glass Conveniently

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Are you trying to find the easiest way on how to remove sticker residue from glass? Well, don’t worry; you have come to the most correct place to visit! This article will guide you with several easiest ways to remove those pesky sticker stains from any glasses, you won’t get a better advice than this article provides. Well, there are several things that can assist you in performing an easy removal of sticker residues, which are:

  1. Hot water and soap

Hot water and soap are the perfect combinations to remove sticker stains. First, you need to boil a bowl of water and leave it to let the temperature goes down a bit. Then, add a washing soap. Next, you put the glass which contains a stain of a sticker, then, wait for the water and soap to work together and dissolve the glue that makes the stains stick on the glass for ten to thirty minutes. However, if there is any reason that makes you unable to soak the glass in the hot soapy water, you can put a sponge or a washcloth and rub it on the stains instead.

After 10-30 minutes, remove any remaining stains with a knife. Please note that you have to pick a knife that is not sharp because a dull knife will not scratch the glass. You don’t want to break the surface, do you?

  1. Baking soda and cooking oil

The next material to assist you on how to remove sticker residue from glass is a combination of soda and cooking oil. After mixing an equal amount of baking soda and cooking oil (you can use any type of cooking oil available in your kitchen), apply the mix on the stains and leave it for ten or thirteen minutes. But before that, you might want to cover any parts that contain no sticker stains with a taped paper first!

After leaving for a few minutes, gently wipe the mix with a plain cloth or sponge. Do not rub the glass too hard, or you might risk damaging the glass by scratching the surface. Usually, the stains will be gone with ease.

  1. Washing soda

You might want to use the washing soda in case the stains you encountered are pretty nasty and difficult to remove. Washing soda is very useful to remove stains because its chemical properties can dissolve the stains easily. But washing soda can be considered a hazardous material since it can irritate your skin when contacting it, so a pair of gloves must always be worn every time when working with it.

First, prepare a bucket filled with hot water and a cup of washing soda. Then, put the glass object and soak it for about half an hour, or a longer time might be needed if the stains are really extreme. After waiting, all you have to do is just to take the glass and let the stains slide away. No further effort is needed since washing soda is a strong alkaline that can easily dissolve the sticker stains. By the way, don’t forget to wash the glass after this, especially if the glass object is used as a food container! Hope you consider this how to remove sticker residue from glass article helpful!

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