How to get Super Glue out of Clothes

Ways to do on How to get Super Glue out of Clothes

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Oh no, for a certain reason, you accidentally made yourself to stain your clothes, and now, you need to find ways of how to get super glue out of your clothes! Don’t worry; your visit to this article will not make you leave with empty hand because you will gain what you need in order to remove any super glue stains from any clothes! Unfortunately, super glue is the toughest variant of adhesives on the market, so removing it once it is dried can bring a hard situation to you. Thankfully, it is only hard, not impossible. So, what you should do to remove it from your clothes?

The easy way

Super glue is not the same substance as the white glue that is easier to dissolve since white glue is composed mainly of water. Unlike white glue, super glue is significantly harder to remove because it is composed of a chemical compound called cyanoacrylate. So, let’s say that you stained your clothes with super glue, but you have neither the time nor the patience to remove the stain with a proper way. In this case, the best and the easiest way to do is to bring your stained clothes to the nearest professional dry cleaner since most dry cleaners around the city always have the tool that allows it to remove stains easily. By doing this, you can save your precious time that you might waste when trying to remove the glue stain by yourself. However, you will have to spend more money in exchange of time and convenience you gain.

The not-so-easy way

If you think that taking your clothes to a dry cleaner should be the last thing to do and you prefer to solve things by yourself, including how to get super glue out of your clothes, then you should follow this way. First, the most important thing to do is to get a nail polish remover. It is important to use it because most nail polish removers contain a huge amount of acetone, and acetone the chemical compound that can dissolve cyanoacrylate effectively. The next things you need are cotton balls, toothbrush, detergent, and a washing machine (you can ignore the last one if you prefer to wash clothes with your own hand).

First, you need to make sure that the glue stain on your clothes is already dried, because it is easier to remove when dried, also, if you try to scrape the glue off when it’s still wet, you might ruin the clothes because there would be some parts of the clothes torn when you scrape it off. Next, use the cotton bud to apply the acetone on the stain. After that, a reaction that causes the stain to disintegrate will start to happen, and you can start to use the toothbrush to wipe it, but do it gently! After it is done, you can wash it with the detergent using either a washing machine or your own hands. Well, those are the ways of how to get super glue out of your clothes!

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