does bleach kill black mold

what does bleach kill black mold

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Does bleach kill black mold? Disaster restoration services can be an expensive proposition but it doesn’t have to be, there are some large jobs that require disaster restoration experts but in some cases kitchen mold removal or mold in basements can easily be removed with common household cleaners, if you know the proper method for mold removal.

what does bleach kill black mold?

first let’s take a look at the types of jobs that you shouldn’t try yourself well.  you know when you first look at it and you know the first area that I saw it was not that bad,  it was a little mold along the side of the carpet and you know as I as, I got you know into it a little bit more and started seeing how much area was taken up and then finally started doing deconstruction on the master shower part of the thing is.

I know that you know different types of mold or health-wise are are bad for you they can make you ill. this is a the kind of situation when you discover this anytime, someone’s opening up a wall and they see something that they suspect to be mold growth definitely not something that you want to tackle there are variety molds out there that can be quite dangerous to the human body.

I wasn’t sure how to tackle it. I didn’t know what to use, I went online and read a little bit you know people are like oh just put you know spray some Clorox on what online they said no don’t use Clorox you know there’s other products and that so my feeling was I need to get someone in here that knows what they’re doing.

I don’t you know and I want to get it done right you, I called these guys up and and one of the reasons I called them up is they were on Tom Martino’s list and there’s a lot of good reviews on them we don’t recommend that people use bleach to kill mold bleach can kill mold however it does not penetrate into porous surfaces very well.  most household bleach products are actually composed of a large amount of water and again anytime,

water is associated with the problem all we’re doing is feeding the mold itself by adding more water to it there are a variety of different antifungal cleaners that you can get and we usually recommend people any time they do have a smaller mold. actually use an antifungal cleaning agent instead of bleach David gave us call concerning some suspected mold that he thought he had in his bathroom, he was in the middle of doing a demo project on his shower sounded like probably had a significant water leak for some time so we came over and took a look at it.

did a little inspection for him to discover quite a bit of microbial growth under the shower pan and extending into the wall. so, he came in today removed all the material that we could that was non structural anything that was a porous material that had microbial growth on it and installed dehumidifier into the area to dry out the rest of the wood so that we can continue to do the mold remediation later, on this week we often encounter people who think they have mold and sometimes actually don’t and we also have a lot of people who will begin a project about halfway through that they start to get concerned and they started to do some research to educate themselves and then they discover that they’ve been working.

in a pretty you know terrible environment for some time and of course you don’t want to expose yourself to that and so it’s something that a average person call it a good remediation company make sure they come in and make sure that there’s not a problem that could affect yourself or your family now that you’ve seen some of the nasty mold problems that are out there you should realize that the health hazards which Oh presents to you are not worth the risk have a look at our attached videos they give some good tips and tricks and provide a list of green cleaning products which you can find in your local store to clean up the mold by yourself

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