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a FREE outdoor show developed for the High Line

Conceived and Directed by Michel Melamed

EXTENDED through October 30th, Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm


A world premiere public play of short poetic and comic scenes to be held on the corner of Tenth Avenue and 17th Street and viewed (or seewatchlooked) from the elevated stands and windows of the High Line's 10th Avenue Square. This is the very first public performance of its kind designed specifically to be presented for visitors to the High Line, and a unique repurposing of that public space. A diversity of scenes serve to activate the ideologies and curiosities of the viewer. Cultures, politics, sexuality, religion, art and more, are a few of the themes represented among scenes which pique our interest with events which are just slightly out of place. Seewatchlook explores the questions: How is the city a stage? What is theatre and what is not? Are the performers actors or citizens? What is the boundary between a show and reality? Is it in the eye of the spectator-- In the eyes of those watching? Seeing? Looking?

SEEWATCHLOOK is presented by Gávea Filmes, presented by Magic Futurebox and The Internationalists, with support from New York Theatre Workshop.

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